Act + Acre Microbiome Cooling Scalp Serum

SKU: honeycomb-40717699809379

Relief in 30 Seconds. Results in 30 Days. 

Formulated to support the scalp’s microbiome to relieve reactive + sensitized scalp. Powered by the brand's breakthrough bioactive Amino M³ Complex™, this lightweight daily leave-on serum offers instant cooling relief to dry scalp itch while supporting the delicate scalp microbiome for long-term relief.

+ Relieves dry itchy scalp in 30 seconds
+ Reduces loose flakes + scales
+ Alleviates reactive, sensitized, + compromised scalp

User-Proven Results**
91% agree scalp was instantly cooled
91% agree scalp relieved scalp discomfort
90% agree scalp feels healthier

Bioactive blend of clinically-validated ingredients that are proven to balance the delicate ecosystem of the microbiota of the scalp to reduce dry scalp itch + soothe reactive scalp**

Instantly cools + relieves the scalp

Combats + clears away loose flakes and scales

Country of Origin: USA

Please note, this product ships ground directly from Act+Acre and will arrive separately if ordering additional items. Return options are per the policies of Act+Acre. Please reach out directly to Act+Acre for more information or instruction. We cannot process returns directly for this item.

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