Intelligent Hair Towel

SKU: honeycomb-21946352205913


|Act+Acre's innovative Act+Acre Intelligent Towel is designed with a soft waffle texture to cut drying time in half by absorbing moisture in minutes without damaging the hair follicle. The lightweight feel of the towel decreases breakage and damage to the hair follicle when your hair is most vulnerable—when it’s wet.


What it’s for:

+ absorbing excess water in the hair to lessen dry time

+ preventing damage caused by blow dryer use

+ reducing breakage, tension, and stress on the hair and scalp

Please note, this product ships ground directly from Act+Acre and will arrive separately if ordering additional items. Returns can either be shipped directly back to Act+Acre following their return instructions, or to your nearest Equinox Shop. We cannot process online returns directly for this item.

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