At-Home Bike

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SoulCycle is much more than a workout. It's a beat-driven musical experience for the mind, body, and soul, that puts you at the center of everything. With specifically designed immersive features like Hi-Fi speakers positioned towards the rider, every ride on the SoulCycle at-home bike is heart-pounding—and most of all, fun. The commercial-grade steel frame accommodates all shapes and sizes, and invites you to confidently (and safely) move through exciting, engaging choreography that will leave you feeling like a superstar—physically and mentally.

Delivery & installation included.
Equinox+ membership sold separately.

Expected delivery in 1-2 weeks (a representative of the brand's team will reach out regarding fulfillment). All questions may be directed to

Additional information and financing options available at:

Please note, this product ships ground directly from SoulCycle and will arrive separately if ordering additional items. Return options are per the policies of SoulCycle. Please reach out directly to SoulCycle for more information or instruction. We cannot process returns directly for this item.


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