Sleeptime SuperLatte

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A soothing nightcap infused with sleep-supporting botanicals that help quiet the mind, calm the body, and make it easier to fall — and stay — asleep.

+ Comforting Carob, Chicory, and Vanilla
+ Decadent oat milk & coconut cream
+ Adaptogens, sleep herbs & amino acids
+ Caffeine free (obviously)

Valerian - gentle drowsiness
Hops - promotes deep sleep
Passionflower - promotes relaxation by boosting brain GABA levels
L-Theanine - quiets a restless mind, decreases sleep latency (time to fall asleep), improves sleep quality
Ashwagandha & Reishi - nourish the nervous system by regulating cortisol release

Gluten-Free Organic Oatmilk Powder, Organic Coconut Cream Powder, Monkfruit* (Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract), Organic Chicory Root, Organic Carob Powder, L-theanine, Valerian Root Extract Powder, Hops Extract Powder, Passionflower Extract Powder, Organic Reishi Extract, Organic Ashwagandha Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Vanilla Bean Powder

*Non-GMO | Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut).

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