How do I reimburse a purchase with FSA or HSA funds?

Oura Ring purchases made in 2023 or later are eligible for reimbursement within the current fiscal year.

You can submit your Oura Ring confirmation email to your FSA or HSA provider as proof of purchase. Here's how:

  1. Search your email inbox for your Oura Ring order confirmation. You may have received an email from orders@ouraring.com (subject line: Your order is being processed)
  2. Go to your FSA or HSA provider’s website and log in. Upload your order confirmation from Oura as proof of purchase. You can get reimbursed for your Oura Ring, as well as shipping, taxes, and an extra charger
  3. If you can’t locate your order confirmation or need additional support, please contact Oura Ring Support or your FSA or HSA provider

You can contact Oura Ring support team here.

Can I purchase Oura Membership with FSA or HSA?

Oura Memberships are processed directly by Oura Ring. They are unable to accept FSA or HSA cards for Oura Membership purchases at this time.

Learn more about how to manage your Oura Membership here.