Detangling Hair Comb

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Protects hair from friction and snags and ensure tangle-free hair. Constructed with wide-spaced teeth for gentle detangling and a shorter first tooth to make parting your hair easy.

According to research, scalp massages are known to:

+ Increased blood flow to the scalp helps the natural growth cycle.
+ Improve hair follicle health.

+ Reduce inflammation that may trigger hair loss Use the comb to massage at the root to support hair follicle health.

Trichologist Tips:

In Shower:
+ Use in a shower together with a conditioner for a maximum detangling effect.

Post Shower:
+ Hair—detangle without damage + prevents frizz
+ Scalp—massage at the root to support hair follicle health

Made of 100% biodegradable, plant-based acetate

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