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The Cleansing Balm 90G / 3.1 OZ

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Infused with the brand's TFC8®, a proprietary complex of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules that promote skin’s innate processes of rejuvenation and repair, plus a deeply conditioning blend of butters, waxes and oils including avocado, olive, and coconut, which give the balm its luxurious texture and protective properties.
Rich in Vitamin E and plant-based squalane, the balm melts into an oil, then to a milk for a sensory, ultra-gentle cleanse that rinses away easily without leaving behind any residue. Skin is left hydrated, soft, and ready for enhanced absorption of Augustinus Bader skincare products.

Key Benefits:
• Deeply, but gently removes most makeup, daily build-up of dirt and pollutants.
• Transforms from a balm to an oil to a milk on contact. • Cleanses thoroughly and rinses completely.
• Leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated, and soothed.
• Leaves no heavy residue.
• Does not dry out or strip the skin.

Active Ingredients:
Shipping Weight:
Shipping Dimensions
90 G: L 72 X W 72 X H 90,5 Mm Cpnp: 3468106
Uk Cpnp: Ukcp-71722756
Tfc8®: A Complex Of Natural Amino Acids, High-Grade Vitamins And Synthesized Molecules Naturally Found In Skin, Which Guides Key Nutrients And Powerful Natural Ingredients To The Skin Creating An Optimal Environment For The Body’S Innate Processes Of Repair And Renewal.
Avocado-Olive Fruit Oil Complex: A Multifunctional Plant Complex That Stimulates Skin’S Natural Defenses And Helps Minimize The Effects Of External Aggressions To Prevent Signs Of Ageing.
Vitamin E: Vitamin E Is A Natural Antioxidant, Acting As An Anti-Aging Agent By Blocking Free Radicals. It Is Known For Its Moisturizing Properties.
Squalane: This Plant-Based Active Ingredient, Obtained From Olive Oil, Has A Very High Affinity With The Skin Because Squalane Is One Of The Main Components Of Human Sebum. It Limits The Insensible Loss Of Water, Restores The Hydrolipidic Film Of The Skin.
Formulated For All Skin Types.

Country of Origin: France

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