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The Skin Rejuvenating Complex

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A complete daily dose of ultra-potent skin superfoods created to nourish, hydrate, improve and illuminate from the inside out. An essential complement to the brand's award-winning topicals, this ingestible skincare innovation is the first science-backed blend to support the internal pillars of a radiant complexion – gut health, collagen synthesis, defense against environmental damage and inflammation, and production of natural skin oils – while promoting overall skin wellness in one convenient single- serving stick. Combining bioavailable vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and aminos.

• Improves and boosts skin radiance.
• Reduces the appearance of uneven pigmentation and texture. • Hydrates the skin keeping it quenched and supple.
• Anti-aging protection from the inside: Prevents wrinkles and
fine lines from appearing on skin and increases skin elasticity.

Active Ingredients:
5 Probiotic Strains, 25 Billion Cfus (Colony Forming Units) And Inulin: A Beneficial Prebiotic, Which All Work In Perfect Harmony To Improve Gut Health Essential For Vibrant, Luminous Skin.
Lactoferrin: A Multitasking Natural Protein, Effectively Regulates The Body’S Iron Levels, Promotes The Growth Of «Good» Bacteria For Optimal Gut Health.
Antioxidant-Rich Pomegranate Extract: Helps Reduce Cell Damage Caused By Free Radicals And Defend Against Other Environmental Aggressors.
Ashwagandha: A Potent Adaptogen Long Revered For Its Healing Properties Is Known To Stimulate Dhea To Encourage The Production Of Natural Skin Oils, For A Fresh, Firm Complexion.
A Powerful Amino Trio – L-Selenomethionine, L-Arginine And L-Citrulline: Join Forces To Protect Skin From Uv Damage While Stimulating And Increasing Collagen Production.
Zinc Glycinate: Supports Skin Renewal While Addressing The Immune System.
Melon Juice Extract: A Unique Concentrate From Cantaloupe Known To Improve Overall Well-Being By Relieving Stress And Support Quality Sleep And Mental Focus.
Vitamin B3: Essential To Keep Skin Well-Hydrated And Supple.
Vitamin B5: One Of The Most Crucial Vitamins. A Skin Superhero, It Conditions Deeply, Attracts And Locks In Moisture, Vitamin B9: Increases The Production Of New Skin Cells While Helping To Reverse The Negative Effects Of Solar Exposure.
Vitamin D3: The All-Important «Sunshine» Vitamin, Enhances The Skin’S Immune System And Helps Destroy Free Radicals That Can Trigger Premature Aging.
Vitamin K2: Supports Skin Elasticity And Prevents Wrinkles. Vitamin C: A Potent, Antioxidant-Packed Boost For The Skin.

Country of Origin: France

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